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My Pledge

In today’s society we all tend to look for guarantees and sure bets. If you’ve read the last section about what can go wrong with surgery, you’ll understand that it would be unfair for me to guarantee you a perfect surgical outcome. Of course, the odds weigh heavily in your favor. Still, I often tell patients that if you ever find a doctor who professes a flawless record or guarantees a perfect result, you should run, not walk, out the door.

While I cannot guarantee the outcome of your surgery, I can, however, guarantee one thing: my 100% effort. If your case is challenging and takes longer than expected, I can assure you that nobody will rush and we’ll stay as long as it takes. If you have a problem after the surgery, you can be seen any time of day, any day of the week.

People often ask me, why feet? Feet are not glamorous, and by most standards are dirty and downright ugly. If you have found your way to this site, however, you likely have a sense of how disabling foot and ankle pain can be. You probably understand how much a dysfunctional foot can interfere with your life.

Approximately 20 years ago, I underwent the first of three major surgeries on my own foot. These were hindfoot reconstructions for a congenital problem. One of my surgeries was complicated by a nerve injury. My personal experience has instilled in me true compassion for patients with foot and ankle problems. I have lived with foot pain and have been through the frustrations of long recovery periods. Because of this, I am truly devoted to helping others with foot and ankle pain. Further, I am driven to continually improve my surgical skills and knowledge and to advance Foot and Ankle Surgery through clinical research.

Foot and Ankle Surgery is a complex and challenging field. No one, including myself, can guarantee that you will have a good result. Nor can anyone guarantee that you will not have a complication from treatment. Thus, most surgical consent forms claim, ‘no guarantees or promises can be made.’ However, I like to point out that in the end this is still an inaccurate clause. There is one guarantee that I can make, and that is my 100% effort and devotion to your care. This is my pledge to you.